Audition Workshop

Be prepared for your next musical theater audition. Director Kris Heller will instruct and coach you so that you can put your best foot forward at your next audition.  All participants will learn what is expected, what directors are looking for, and how to show off your best qualities at an audition.

Workshop limited to 25 participants.  All participants must be a “Friend of the SFA”.

There will be two registration levels.

Level One:  15 Participants who register for level one will learn how to prepare everything you need to know for an audition in two – 50 minute sessions.  These participants will also be able to witness and learn from mock auditions of 10 level two registrants, including hearing feedback of those auditions. $25/participant

Level Two: 10 Participants will still attend level one sessions, but will also have the opportunity to do mock auditions, receiving constructive feedback on how to improve your audition in a fun, safe environment.  $40/participant

This audition workshop is highly recommended for anyone auditioning for a high school, professional, or community theater production. Particularly recommended for performers interested in auditioning for the Sherwood Foundation for the Art’s  2017 Summer Musical, Anything Goes.

Select a level today to reserve your spot.  Registration Form to follow after payment.  Any questions or concerns please email us today.
Participation Level